What products can I buy from GLOBAL BIO PLUS?
GLOBAL BIO PLUS is the most affordable source for OTC drugs. We have an extensive line of pharmaceuticals: fertilo plus, caremax, sunmax, testomax, urimax, lactomax, iromax, dozmax, and more.
Are your products affordable?
Yes. We take pride in our competitive prices for the quality products at GLOBAL BIO PLUS. Our affordability is matched with great quality for the OTC products we offer.
Do you offer monthly specials?
Yes. We always have new products to offer to customers. The pharmaceutical market never stops innovating to give you better and better products with new developments. These OTC products will be uploaded to our online site and available for you to purchase.
How do I check on my order status?
You can log in to your user account and get updates for your order. Or, you can also call 301-655-5191 for inquiries.

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